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I had my first camera when I was a teenager and was soon fascinated by the way the world looked when transformed into black and white, watching a picture slowly develop in the water.

In my early 20ies I bought my first Nikon and started taking portraits, first in black and white. Later I added color and became a fan of modern architecture and reflections of all shades.

Today I don’t go outside without a camera, mostly an iPhone, which allows me to discretely capture everyday situations.

I consider myself a hunter and gatherer of forms, colors, and intriguing moments with an ironic twist.







2017 and 2018 : Mairie du 8e Arrondissement de Paris (Townhall of the 8th district of Paris) organized by the association “Les 111 des Arts” featuring 111 artists

2016 : Paris : Zelda Bar

2003 : Berlin : Sonderbar

2001 : Berlin : Engler & Piper Gallery






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